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Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Worlds Gone Mad !

Well with Doctor Doom about to lead the fantastic four in there future foundation could the world get any more mad??

Well yeah it could with our next guy. Heres Toons requested character, Mr Mad Jim Jaspers. A strange one for so little apperances he never ever looks the same.

Hope you enjoy and again feel free to leave comments.


  1. Love the Mad Jim, it's a character I'm going to add to my Captain Britain collection at some stage. The constant hat changes are a bit of a task to face, when I do him I'm thinking of going for the Biggles flight cap.

    What base figurine did you use?

  2. Thanks Elvin.

    hes made from Riddler. Toyed with the idea of chameleon but i prefered the mad position of riddler as if there was a cup on the floor someplace waiting for what ever came out that pot.

    The checks were a nightmare to try get around his body in the way they would lay if you were wearing a suit but i think it worked in the end and the little gloss on the black shoes works a treat against the base as well

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