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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year.

Hey guys. Welcome back and hope you all had a good festive period.

Things have been a little slow due to a house move a little baby and a accident that took out my hand for about a month and a half.

Hopefully this year will see more regular postings so to start heres one i done a while back but never posted and another that ive done since the accident.

Enjoy and as always feel free to comment
Plutonia from the imperial guard

Manta from the imperial guard


  1. Good job on both, I especially like Manta, which is one of the ones i'm doing next.

  2. Thanks for the comment mate. I saw you collossus/titan very nice idea wish id thought of that before i started trying to do him from the golden superman statue.

    Cant wait to see what youve got lined up for this year

  3. Good job on both mate the purple looks really good aswell as the yellow on manta, nice colours bravo buddy