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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Cant see the snow due to the Blizzard...

Hi Guys,

So apart from the ongoing task of repainting some ones collection for them that seen valkyrie and elektra join there ranks ive been working on another Archangel (completed) Future foundation Sue (almost done just the last layer of white to bring it out) and a update of Blizzard that ill share with you now.

As always c+c welcome and thanks for looking. If any one has any random ideas for characters let me know and ill see what i can get done now things are settling down in life again :)

Take care


  1. Hi mate blizzard looks really well done mate love the shading on the blue and the crisp White... Glad your lifechas settled down bud...

  2. Cheers Chris. Not seen anything from you in a while mate what you been up to? Did you have a good festive season?

  3. Yellow jacket is he base figure for this one i thought he had a better stance that the flash i used for the last attempt.

    Thanks for the comments guys

  4. Yea was a lot of fun over the festive period. How's was yours mate? I have been doing alot of commission customs. So not really had anything I can show off but my custom comp piece is looking good... Ive been asked if I can make the 5 headed dragon from dungeons and dragons cartoon that I used to watch years ago, that would be a challenge...

  5. Was good mate spent most of it working and recovering from injury. Apart from that the new little one is keeping me busy and away from the brushes but hes started to go down for the night now so should get back in the touch of it.

    Thats a lot of fooms or are you going to sculpt some of them?

    The D+D cartoon was epic back in the day mate you should do them all :)

  6. As per usual mate, a great job, love the crisp, clear colours.

  7. hi elevn brit how are u

  8. right now thats done im glad. just need to figure how to buy here with thay paypal. lol

  9. hi , m8, when do u want me to pay for that figure . let me no, ok ave got the money ready at hand .