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Wednesday, 12 September 2012


So its been a very busy time this month. So far ive done repaints of the Hulk, Doctor Strange, Hercules also re done my old rooftop spawn from a dc batman chess peice and also Maddison Jeffries.

The new facebook page is up and running and people are finding it easier to interact over there and its easier to upload and maintain, So thank you to all who have came over and had a peek so far and got involved.

This time as the title suggests Stardust herald of Galactus.
Stardust was made from a Blue Lantren and a lot of putty filing sanding and swearing. Two fingers were super glued in the making of this figure prompting abuse from the missus.

In the end he worked out rather well and Agent of Atlas over on the forum is more than happy to be happy to adding him to his collection.

Comments as always welcome and till next time enjoy :)


  1. what a show! the heralds of Galactus are in my dreams! very good!

  2. As per usual matey, top quality!

  3. I can't say this enough... this figure looks amazingly breathtaking. I'm beyond happy with it. Thank you. :D