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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Scream !!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys,
Another busy week this week but i managed to get a Nick Fury repaint completed and a new custom as well. So firstly heres
 Scream ~
And heres Nick Fury~
As always comments more than welcome on these two.

Also this week ive followed in the footsteps of metal ink and took my customs to face book. Ive added the link there to make it easier for people to comment on and for me to be a little faster on replying peoples comments.

Heres the link if anyone wants to come over and join.!/ArchangelsrComicBookFigurineCustoms

Thanks as always for looking and take care till next time


  1. Scream looks phenomonal mate. Top notch work. Nick looks great too but I can't help but notice he looks a little like George Micheal LOL!

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  3. Hello Arc! Are Fuzz. Many compliments, I love how you use colors on the characters. I want to paint like you. I noticed, too, the similarity with George! wonderful!

  4. Hahaha never noticed that before.

    Sorry George no copy right intended. Although i bet Nicks never under the influence when hes flying his hellicarrier.

    Thanks Blue Silver. I think my paint style is like marmite you either like it or dont. It takes a while as everything is blended up and highlighted mostly from blacks even the whites.

  5. Scream is fantastic, love the colours, and the Nick Fury repaint is top notch! I'll check you out on Facebook.

  6. two-piece super spectacular! very very nice! scream is my favorite! very good