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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Mutants Galore

As promised i have some mutants that ive been working on this month.

So we have a morlok a new mutant a even newer mutant and a aoa reject that made it into main stream.

So heres this months line up
Karma ~
Wildchild mk2 ~

Marrow ~
Magma ~
Well thats all for now back to getting Daken finished for ebay and hopefully something else as well and also Wolfsbane.

Take care


  1. Another fantastic figurines.
    Like always I`m proud that Stephen is making them to my own collection.
    They look awesome.
    Now my New Mutants and X-Factor teams coming to an end.
    Thanks to Stephen I`ve got nearly all the members of those teams.

  2. Thanks Mariusz. Always a pleasure and im glad i can help you build your collection.
    And on that note Wolfsbane should be done in the next couple of days

  3. I like the pose of Magma and Karma, and very fine the details of Marrow and Wildchild.
    Wonderful work!

  4. Wow both Karma and Magma are impressive!!! Awesome job there!