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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Good Things come in small packages.

Well this blog seems to be like a bus. You wait on one for ages then 2 come along at once.

As i said in the last update ive been very busy with commissions but well here goes another batch of work for you all to cast your critical eye over.

As always comments are welcome feel free to post what you want.

Just waiting to hear back if wildchild mk2 and Marrow are okay and ill post them up along with another x lass Karma.

So heres the new stuff ~

Scarlet Witch in her more recent sexy Gypsie costume

Better pics of Blazing Skull as promised I loved painting the skull on this one.

And last but no means least is a little Ant Man. Im sure i stole this idea of Woza after he mentioned it during a conversation but sure he wont mind.
Fully highlighted and shaded and even given him eyes in there (a task since i only use a standard brush none of this fine detail milarkey)

Enjoy and till next time take care


  1. Hi

    I like me your customs figures. I want to learn. How work you the lead?

    Thanks and bye!

  2. Hi mate little ant man is really cool bud... The costume change on scarlet witch is fantasic..

  3. Cheers Chris much appreciated. Just contemplating puttign him on a base or not now :)

    Peskblog good to have you on board.

    What would you like to learn how to do ?
    I use aves apoxie putty but a lot of people go for milliput its a personal choice.
    Apart from that its adding to figures with others and just trying to get the best combo and look for the new character.

    If youd like to know more just ask.

  4. Hi

    can you give me some advice with the putty?

    Thanks and bye!!

  5. Putty you should mix a two part compound up like milliput or aves. Once you have mixed them both in well you should leave to sit for a little while about 30 mins to 45 mins to make it less sticky to work with.

    It helps to have a little pot of water to keep your hands wet to help work with the putty and shape it.
    Once youve got the required shape your after and the texture etc your good to let it set. These two parts dry in the air so just leave it (best overnight) then in the morning file cut sand what ever your needing to do with it.

    A selection of tools for carving are a great help as well.
    Its all trial and error so stick with it keep calm and just take your time

    Hope that helps you a little.

    Check out the web theres loads of guides and tips out there from people who are much more talanted as my self .

  6. Thank you very match.

    I´m making accesories for my custom figure. I have converted the Punisher in Deadpool, so I want added things. I have made and it doesn´t hard (since yesterday).