My Marvel and Comic Figurine Customs

Please feel free to join the blog if you like what you see and leave feedback or comments on the customs featured as it helps me improve and make changes. Also if theres any characters youd like me to try and make or maybe even a commission for your self drop me a email at Take care :)

Saturday, 4 July 2009


Well guys it had to happen at some point. Dont get me wrong i love my crib over on the best site for Marvel and Dc figurine information (check it out at for all the latest news and updates first)but i was getting alot of people asking about certain pictures of work i had done so i thought i could use as a little easy to view gallery of what i consider some of my best work. So here it is the gallery of my customs for you all to see. Ill also be adding updates to this and trying to do some requests as well. Apart from that just having fun and sharing my passtime with like minded collectors

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