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Friday, 15 June 2012

X marks the Spot

Hey guys. Heres the latest commission peices ive done. Silver Samurai and the Spot. Samurai is from Iron fist and a load of sculpting added on. Still hate filing down that collar on Danny though. And the Spot made from the Flash on the Dc line. Again a pain to get rid of the etching on him but once thats done the custom is pretty straight forward. Highlighted to white from a black base coat and then add some black spots. And both together A few more commissions to finish off so look out for the high evolutionary next off the paint table Thanks for looking and c+c always welcome


  1. Nice work matey, both look very good. Spot's one of those that I've considered doing for my own Spidey set.

  2. Spot on - and a nice Samuraii as well .