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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Diamond in the rough

Hey guys, So lots of stuff going on this week. Seems bloggers updated so ill have to get used to that but i think the biggest news is that the marvel collection has been given its final call. At issue 200 we will see the end of the collection. This time next year we will all be getting our last little lead superhero. In a way it will be sad to see the collection go (well the missus thinks its the best news shes heard this year). On the other hand it means i can now plug all the holes in my collection that i feel need filled and hopefully help a few other people with theres as well. Anyway without further a do heres this weeks submissions for you all. Diamond Back ~
Also ive repainted Yellow Jacket the Vision and Moondragon this week. Heres Yellow jacket for you to take a peak at.
Well thats all for this week. Take care and C+C welcome as always


  1. Great Diamond Back custom, ideal base to use. Good job matey!

  2. Love Diamondback! Amazing Job! She's in my list also