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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Causing Havok !

Well another year has left us and i hope it was good for you all.
And with the beast that is the cmfc still rolling on its getting trickier to produce characters that may not see the light of day but its fun to keep trying at least.

Till then heres a re do of Havok in his classic 'egg beater' uniform hope you all enjoy.


  1. It`s my another ordered figurine.
    I haven`t got Havok in my hands but I know he is perfect.
    The work is for sure as excellent as always.
    Wait till You see more beautiful X-men characters.
    Mariusz from Poland

  2. Thank you Mariusz.
    As always im just glad you like him and thanks for all your input along the way. As soon as Jamies moods changed ill post him and Lorna up.


  3. Beautiful work on Havok Arch, very tidy sculpting and paintwork pretty much perfect as always.